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Welcome to Offshore Training

We Provide Offshore Survival Training and Offshore Certification

Why choose us for your Offshore Survival Training and Certification requirements?

Our experience in training others to work offshore and our own personal and individual experience of working offshore has long placed us as a natural first choice provider of offshore training to both individuals and teams.

Our understanding of current Working Offshore Certification requirements is second none, ensuring you or your company doesn't waste money and time.

Our 24 hour, all weather training facility designed to meet our course delegate needs.

Contact us on 01493 600400 with your question of to discuss your specific requirements.


Offshore Training for Individuals and Groups

We provide Offshore Training that's tailored to specific requirements. Here are great examples of who we've trained:

- Young people considering a career working offshore.

- Individuals changing their career.

- Experienced offshore workers requiring re-certification.

- Groups of employees for companies that have a need for a specific offshore certification.

We're also very proud of our tailored offshore training courses available for the currently unemployed, back-to-work organisations and further education establishments such as colleges.

Offshore Certification

Aside from the skills required to work offshore, you need the Offshore Certification that actually allows you to work offshore. For example... It doesn't matter how great or experienced you are at welding. If you don't have the mandatory certification required you'll simply never weld one spot offshore.

It's not just welders. Thinking of catering, cleaning, surveying or managing staff offshore? You'll need the very basic and minimum certification before you'll be allowed to board the helicopter.

We provide the training that gives you the required Offshore Certification. Call us on 01493 600400 to discuss your requirements.

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